Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Hour

I realized today that I love going to the gym. Even after running around at work for 8 hours, I came home and KNEW I had to get to the gym. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel strong. It is also a place now where I know other people--they come over to talk baseball with me--I'm a regular there! And, well, you know how I love to know everybody's name...
When I get on the treadmill I THINK! I PROCESS! I GO OVER THE THINGS I NEED TO DO, SHOULD DO, WANT TO DO, HOPE TO DO! I smile as I realize how good it feels to feel good.
There was a time when I was going to therapy--to a psychologist--five and six times a month--at $150/session. Even with my personal trainer right now, going to the gym is less that 1/3 of the cost! And seriously, I leave with a HUGE smile on my face every single time. I am so positive about life!
I feel good. I feel STRONG! I feel like I am getting better--inside and out! My stomach is firming up, my ass is returning to its actual location and my arms...well, I am LOVING my beautiful guns! I run, I lift, I do squats and sit ups and I SWEAT!! Oh MAN do I sweat!
And really, what's one hour in my day?
Doing something for me...feeling better every day...finding out what I really want to be...
And enjoying every minute.
It really is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy...with ten times the benefits.
It is my "Happy Hour" with a lifetime of rewards. 
Among them...looking good naked.

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