Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ange glad she's getting married?!

 My sweet, life-long friend, Ange, is getting married. We have known each other, worked together, had breakfast 100 times, enjoyed many a baseball game and shared our lives and hearts and tears and dreams together...for nearly 20 years! And she is marrying a man that I have known (and loved!) since he was in 2nd grade.
 Nothing more fun that a party full of former Saddleback Staff. 
The wine and beer just taste that much better!
 Ange's sister, Kaitlyn, was in my cabin at Summer and Winter camp when she was in Junior High!
 Sweet Baseball-loving Amy!! Even though she is a die-hard Padre Fan, I love this woman!
OH the signature Ange smile!
I used to make BTS for every Saddleback event and always told the girls, who were all in junior high and highschool at that point, that it really was Better Than Sex. Now, of course, they all know the truth...but they's pretty dang close.

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