Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get a job!

I have to admit this, I am so tired of seeing people standing on EVERY street corner asking for money! It seems like EVERY single parking lot I go in to--restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers--and EVERY single stop light--has SOMEONE standing at the corner with a sign-- begging for money! There is one man who is at the SAME corner EVERY single day here by my his shorts, tee shirt and flip flops, sitting in a lawn chair with a big sun hat on and a sign in his hands that reads, "Will work for food."
Tell me why I would give this man money. Tell me why I would ask him to come home with me and mow my lawn or clean my house and then give him money. Tell me why I would do ANYTHING for this person who is doing nothing for himself! Why would I get up at 4am every single day for 25 years to work hard and then give ANYONE money for sitting down all day?!
Are you kidding me?
My good friend was telling me the other day that her nearly 27 year old daughter was very upset with her. Why? Because she would not give her daughter $30 to go have a pedicure! This 27 year old has not worked in four months and is living in my friend's rental unit (and might I add not paying rent.) She has had (and quit) at least three retail jobs (that I know of) this year.
This girl also has a very expensive AA degree from a Theater Arts school in New York City--which of course was paid for by her parents. She has (allegedly) tried to get acting jobs, but (apparently) they are few and far between. Instead, she has just kept asking her parents to support her while she is trying to 'live her dream.'
My friend asked me what I thought.
Are you kidding me? You know what I think. 

Tell me why my friend should give her daughter money. Tell me why she'd allow her to continue to DRAIN their finances so that the girl can keep trying to make a living as an actress. Tell me why--oh dear God why--my friend should give her daughter money to get a pedicure!!! You've got to be kidding me. Scrub your own damn feet and paint your own have plenty of time! Sheesh!
Of course, why would she work? She doesn't HAVE to...right?
And she's laughing all the way to the my friend keeps going to work...and keeps sending the checks.
Who's the smart person here?
That's what makes me so mad.

I asked my friend when it was time for HER to live HER own dream! Come on!
My suggestion is to let her daughter know that she has til January 1st to get out of the condo---AND to let her know that she will be100% financially responsible for herself at that point. PERIOD!

Here's an idea: Get a job! Get TWO jobs! Get a roommate--get TWO roommates! Stop buying clothes, Starbucks Coffees and for the love of God--realize that a pedicure is a LUXURY that you are FAR from deserving!
Why should my 58 year old friend go to work every day and allow her 27 year old daughter to stay home, live rent free, watch TV and demand money for pedicures and money for her SAG card renewal?!
Why reward someone for doing NOTHING??
I work WAY too hard to have any sympathy for any one who sits in a beach chair--or on the couch--all day!
Here's an idea--
How about if everyone just starts taking care of themselves?? Pull your own weight! I won't ask you for money and you don't ask me for money. I'll go to work and pay my bills and YOU go to work and pay YOUR bills.
This makes sense doesn't it? And isn't it so much easier? 
It's absolutely ridiculous, really.

My friend told her daughter that she had til January 1st to get her act together. Her daughter's response? "You want me to be hungry and homeless?"
I said to my friend--I hope you told her, "YES--and with chipped nail polish!"

I always wonder how much those people make just sitting there all day. certainly works well for my friend's daughter.
Get a job!


md said...

Amen!! Those of us who have worked so hard for so long and have stayed silent have allowed this country to have far to many people collecting money for doing nothing. My taxes pay for them to stay at home and watch reality television. Where is the motivation? Why should they work if a dummy like me will pay them not to work. It's time for everyone to pick themselves up and do the right thing. 138

sprinkles said...

I believe in helping people who help themselves. It sounds like your friend's daughter isn't willing to help herself.

I hope the daughter figures out what she's going to do with her life. She can't live off her parents forever. One day they'll be gone, and then what will she do?

Lorraine said...

I will proudly boast that my three adult daughters have NEVER, not once, asked me for money. They are the strong, independent women that work for their own food, wants, needs and desires. The best gift we can give our children is the ability to live on their own and support themselves.