Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jaime's getting married!

After work this afternoon,
I had the JOY of going to Jaime's wedding shower!
(FYI-She's wearing shoes with at least a four inch heal!)
Yep, that's a real cake!
(And it was velvet with cream cheese filling!)
Jaime and her lovely mother, Margaret! I work with Jaime at Montage and, would you believe, I have known Margaret's identical twin sister, Marla, for about 15 years?! Small world!The arms are inspiring, don't you agree?!
Patty works with Jaime and me too!
She was on her way to John Mayer tonight! (LUCKY)
Oh, and she reads my blog too...I always have liked that Patty.


Ryanne said...

OH MY GOSH! Red velvet with cream cheese filling sounds like heaven!!!!

Annie Smith said...

i was looking at that lady.. and thinking marla..what do ya know :)