Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ange you glad it's Christmas time?

Another holiday party tonight!
Me and my LOVELY, wine-drinking friend, Ange
(can you believe they served me Chardonnay in that glass? Yikes!)
Ange and her AWESOME dance partner!
...and her other favorite dance partner!
My WONDERFUL friend Christal!!
...and her son, Christopher!
I used to drive Zac and Christopher to Junior High!
The food was SO good...especially the cranberry-apple tart!
And the dancing was a blast!!
(Ange glad I didn't say banana?)

1 comment:

Ange said...

Okay so cute! Today Amy was like, "Ange....who is that old man dancing with you? digger?"

hahaha -- GOOD TIMES!

ps -- is that Joan Cusack with you?