Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 things I REALLY want to do...

  1. Be more spontaneous. After 40+ years of planning and organizing and making arrangements and reservations and plans and scheduling everything--I LOVE just going with the flow. 
  2. Get in the best shape of my life--inside and out! Working diligently on this one and loving every minute of it!
  3. Write more. Yep. It's on its way! I have pages and pages of ideas and thoughts in my head!
  4. Laugh more! Make others laugh more ('cause I'm funny!)
  5. Get my finances in really good order.
  6. Keep learning, reading, wondering, listening, exploring... questioning!
  7. Have more adventures. More spontaneous adventures! (Oh what you can learn!)
  8. Be more generous and giving. And more sympathetic and understanding. (I admit, I come up a little short in these areas...)
  9. Be a great tennis player and an amazing bowler. Who wants to practice with me?!
  10. Constantly look at things differently. Try something new!! Eat different foods! Bowl left handed! See things from another person's perspective.
Enjoy each moment of life.

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