Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get back!

I think I FINALLY understand why my mother says time goes by so fast...
When you're not working...time really does FLY!
I have had the last SEVEN days off...and, though it went by WAY too quickly, 

 it's been HEAVENLY!!

 I didn't have to:
  • get up at 4am
  • wear pantyhose or
  • put on a suit

What I DID do:
  • Slept til AT LEAST 5am every single day! 
  • Wore sundresses and flip flops most of the time. (And yoga pants...don't tell Allison)
  • Helped my folks organize their storage...and found lots of buried treasures.
  • Talked to my son on the phone from his first solo apartment. In San Francisco. (He's so happy!)
  • Helped a friend move into her new house...and enjoyed a whole day with her and her mother and her daughters.
  • Went to breakfast with my best friend...TWICE! (So delicious!)
  • Went to Happy Hour THREE times (that's a whole lot of HAPPY hours!)
  • Went out to dinner THREE times! (Lots MORE HAPPY hours!)
  • Went to a VERY silly movie ( could have been the Martinis, but DAMN was it funny!)
  • Took a ride out to visit Sweet Juju...(the ride is always my favorite part.)
  • Baked (from scratch) four DELICIOUS zucchini chocolate chip breads!
  • Spent a WHOLE day with my best friend
  • Played tennis (I LOVE playing tennis!)
  • Went to the Pageant of the Masters
  • Did a little browsing in the Laguna art boutiques
  • Had friends over for dinner...twice!
  • Laid by the pool and read.
  • Finished one book and started another.
  • Began updating my will. What can I leave you?
  • Watched several episodes of Will and Grace. (If you've never seen the 'Von Trapped' episode, PLEASE find it on Hulu and watch it'll be glad you did!)
  • Ate (and THOROUGHLY enjoyed) nearly a HALF of a loaf of (incredible) zucchini chocolate chip bread, an (always delicious) Breakfast Jack, (mouth-watering) biscuits with (fabulous) apple butter, (phenomenal) strawberry shortcake, (the BEST) buttermilk pancakes, (never disappointing) bacon, (fabulously fresh and magnificent) Italian bread with butter and anchovies, (fantastic) home-made peach cobbler with ice cream, a (simply perfect) red velvet cupcake, (very tasty) barbeque chicken pizza and a (MOST decadent) chocolate old fashion donut. Dare I mention the wine, Margaritas and Martinis?
  • Smiled, relaxed, napped, cried, breathed, talked, laughed, shared, hoped, dreamed.
  • Enjoyed life...and loved every second. 
Yep, I have to return to work tomorrow at 6am. I'll have to get up at 4am, and I have to put on a suit... and endure nine hours in pantyhose...
But, let me assure you, though the time goes much slower during a work day, I will be smiling and laughing and talking and sharing and helping and hoping...and probably even enjoying bacon!

I've absolutely enjoyed the last seven days immensely...
but, really, no matter where I am--even back at work...
I'm enjoying life...and loving every second.


md said...

Lucky Pantyhose!138

Anonymous said...

What a long list of fun things. Glad it was good and really well deserved!