Monday, July 30, 2012

Hear Me Roar

I'll have to admit that, on most days, I am a fairly productive person.
I'll admit too, there are those days when I am downright SUPER productive...
Today was one of those days.

Rising from her bed pre-dawn (as usual) 
mild mannered Julie Hibbard is on a mission...
it's her last day off until August 9th!

Able to meet her best friend for pancakes at 6am!
Able to be at Home Depot before 8 o'clock!
Able to fill up the tank, get the car washed, pay bills, update her will, vacuum, iron and change the water filter on the fridge--
all before most people rise!  

It's a girl, it's a dame...
Yeah, well, it's just me.
On a mission to SUPER productivity!

Oh what a beautiful morning...
And oh what a beautiful day.
Super Girl is well on her way!

Following my productive morning I spent a couple of hours online figuring out the Paleo Diet. After last week's doctor visit--where he told me I needed to lose a few pounds (I cried!)--I have realized that it's obviously time for a shake up in my diet and nutrition. 

Once I had my shopping list together, I headed out to the market!
But first...a stop at the gym and quick workout for this super girl (and she IS a super girl, isn't she?!)
and then...
I signed up for 10 sessions with a personal trainer! Why not really shake things up, right?!
Oh, yeah...I start with Tamlyn on Wednesday...
and she already signed me up for Olympic Boot Camp on Friday night! (Who's coming with me?!)

Super Girl just keeps going!

After the gym, I headed over to the brand new (and OH SO beautiful) Whole Foods Market where I bought organic fruits and locally grown vegetables and lots of GREENS and a big bag of shelled pistachios and unsweetened Almond milk...and lean, low-fat buffalo meat and free range eggs and enough chicken and broccoli to get me through for weeks!!

Making my way back home, I cleaned out the fridge, unloaded the groceries, made two trips out to the trash...watered the plants, swept the porch and (kindly) relocated a couple of very persistent spiders...
And just in time to sit down, and enjoy this AMAZING Angels game...!
I've just made a HUGE fruit salad, cut up some of my friend's (delicious!) home-grown tomatoes and am ready to fry up a little buffalo burger...
and then sit down to watch the Dodger game.

This SUPER girl really enjoyed this SUPER day.
It feels so good to feel so good.

Watch me now as I take on NINE days straight.

(Is it time for bed yet?!)


Zuzana said...

That sounds like a super power day, I wish I had your energy.;) I am recovering from a bad cold and am out of energy completely.;)
Have a super duper day dear Julie.;)

Anonymous said...

We miss the super girl! See you in 9 days?