Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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As I got ready for work this morning, for some reason, my mind was spinning. 
I was thinking of ALL the things I want to write about...all the things I just keep thinking about!
 I turned off the blow dryer at one point,  grabbed a pen and began a list of the things going through my mind. 

First on the list, why does everyone say, "Actually" so much these days? I've noticed it's the first word in nearly every answer to every question. I ask how dinner was and you say, "Actually, it was nice." Or, I ask how your vacation was and you say, "Actually, we really enjoyed it." How is the weather? "Actually, it's quite nice..." Have you noticed that too?
What does that mean?

Secondly, I have several ideas for a book I'd like to write. My mind is bursting with thoughts on this main idea these days would have something to do with having a personal life--and loving every second of it belonging to just me. No blogging about it...nothing on Facebook about it. Yet, continuing to tell the world every (other) move I make and post photos of everything I do...except the things that bring the most joy of all--cause they just belong to me. 
Or something like that.

I'd also love to write on getting your home--and thus your LIFE--in order! How to simplify, organize and lighten your load.  And, oh, I'd love to write about doing everything in moderation...eating, exercising, even working! 

How about something on how to LIVE? How to continuously ENJOY life? Truly enjoy it!
How about something about constantly trying new things? New foods, new routes home, new activities?! Bowling with your LEFT hand! I love thinking differently and seeing something in a whole new way!
How about a whole book on how much you DON'T know and loving learning!!
How about thoughts on NEVER acting your age--and loving every minute of it!

I also want to write about sharing past experiences to help others learn from YOUR mistakes. Why don't people share their failures more?! I swear, it would help so many people from making the same mistake, thus, to some extent, making them successes, right? I love to share the things I wish I'd done differently...the things I'd do over...the things I'd never do again! (Think TATTOO for starters!)

Yep, my mind this morning was BUZZING with thoughts...
But tonight it is consumed with one thing: 
The spider that has meticulously and oh so cleverly built his beautiful web across my front door. I was stunned to find it as I opened the door this afternoon--and mezmerised in wonder on how he was even able to do so. (Allison, you will NOT want to come over tonight!)
I let him know that, though I greatly admired his beautiful hard work, if he could perhaps pick up and rebuild somewhere else...I would appreciate it.
I went out through the garage to go get the mail. 
That was about 5 hours ago. 

I just peeked out the front door...and he's still there. 
So patient, so peaceful. 
I know he worked hard today.

And now he's resting. Perhaps I can help him move tomorrow.
He's actually very inspirational...
(correct use of the word "actually", in my opinion, of course.)
If only I were so creative and so naturally talented.
And so patient.

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Zuzana said...

Dear Julie, I think you shoudl write that book.;) And I know you have been writing about spiders before.;)
have a great day.;)