Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Green with envy

I visited the brand new Whole Foods Market in Aliso Viejo on Monday. It's a gorgeous store full of organic fruits and locally grown vegetables...and at least a half dozen free sample tables.

I kindly said, "No thank you" to most of the ladies offering me their wares, but one woman, desperately trying giving away her Vegan protein shake samples, was very persistent.

"Here! Try this!" She said with a big smile as she put the small cup in my hand!
I sipped a bit of the grassy green, vanilla-laced, vegetable-flavored concoction.
She went on, as she handed me another flavor...

"My boys just love to have one in the afternoon. Your kids will love them too!"
"Oh, my kids are grown and don't live with me." I answered.

"Well your husband will really enjoy them!"
" husband." I replied.

"Well your DOG will really love them!" she insisted.
"Nope, no dog either," I smiled.

She quickly looked around and said,
"Oh man! I'm coming home with YOU!"

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sprinkles said...


There's a Whole Foods being built not far from my school. I didn't realize they offer free samples. Might just have to stop in and check it out now.