Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh what a beautiful day...

As I sit here tonight--watching baseball game #2 and eating jello with (lots of) whipped cream,--I am smiling BIG knowing what a great couple of days OFF I had.

It has been RARE for me to have two days off IN A ROW this whole last year...so when I do, well, let me tell you...I don't waste one minute of them! These were two of the BEST days I can remember in a very long time!

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my sweet, wonderful friend--breakfast, lunch, pedicures, bowling, talking, laughing, breathing...
LOVING LIFE...smiling, feeling good...
it was luscious!

And TODAY--well, look out! I MADE myself STAY IN BED til 6am...which, I must say, was delightful! I could hear the birds singing outside and SMELL the coffee which was waiting for me in the kitchen...and I just laid there, dreaming and smiling and knowing how very lucky I am.
I finally got up (At 6:10--slacker!) answered email and posted pictures and sent birthday greetings on Facebook. I caught up on others' blogs, checked my investments online, made payments for my home owners insurance and one to American Express and paid other bills
...and checked all my bank accounts. A couple of times...
And then went for a long walk.  A LONG one! These days I am working SO hard to get in shape. I have so many things providing me incentive! And 50 is just 10 months away! I want to be THE healthiest and happiest person EVER to be FIFTY years old!
After that, I went to the bank, to the doctor's office, and drove through Chick Fil A' for a GIANT (and fabulously delicious) Diet Coke! At that point I was off to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Of course I brought my calendar and phone and made several appointments and calls while I waited for my car. I also brought all the magazines and catalogs that had come in the last couple of weeks, and quickly thumbed through them while I waited for my car--leaving them all for the next guests to enjoy, of course.
A quick stop at Target for a cute new dress (and a perfectly colored kitchen rug!) and I was ready to meet my cousin Christina at Wendy's to give her the treasures I'd found in my parents' storage for her! On the way home I stopped for gasoline and a drive-through car wash and came home to start laundry. (You can imagine at this point, I am feeling like Super Girl!)
Once the washer, dryer and dishwasher were going, I sat down to write and address the remainder of July's birthday cards...which are all now signed, sealed and ready to be delivered!
I can't tell you how GOOD this was all feeling!

Plants watered, patio cleaned and set back up, laundry folded and front porch swept, I was ready to shower, put on that cute new dress and go meet my sweet friend for (a very) happy hour! 

Oh...a Pear Martini at Opah was JUST what the doctor ordered...
that, with an Angels win and a GREAT Dodgers start, and the JOY of my friend's presence
...put a HUGE smile on my face.

It's been a wonderful day. I accomplished everything on my list...and more.
And now, I'm watching a guy named 'Fife' pitch a GEM for the Dodgers against the (phucking) Phillies! I am not sure if his first name is Barney (you know that's what I'M calling him!)
--but he certainly has a few bullets in his pocket and is a JOY to behold.

Just emptied the dishwasher, folded the last load of laundry and put my jello bowl away.
I'm sitting down in my quiet, clean home...and, most importantly, the coffee is ready to go--set to start brewing at 4am.
Enough. I am enjoying the fruits of my OH SO enjoyable and HIGHLY productive days.

I am oh so ready to go back to work.


md said...

Phucking Phillies... Now that's A-larious! 138

Lorraine said...

I'm reading along feeling more relaxed and accomplished with each line. Almost enjoying your day with you! Then I get to the phucking Phillies quote and I got angry and tensed up. :) That was funny. What a great day(s) you had!

Sonja said...

Wait . . . where was the 2 hour nap in that day?