Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nine nine nine nine! Let's sing a song of nine. How many is nine?*

It's been a while since I worked nine days straight. Day one starts today...and, actually, after five days off, I am definitely ready to do it. Funny thing is, of all times, I have a wedding, a bridal shower, a horse race, several workouts, happy hour dates, a family bar b que, a hair appointment and a dental appointment and I'm helping a friend move over these next nine days too!
You know me...
I'm looking forward to each and every minute of each of these next nine days.
And every one after that as well.
Let's get this party started!
*Can you sing this song?

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

My line in Little Red School House back in 1981 was, "Teacher, when I say nein, I don't mean nine, I mean nein." Random thought, but your nine's reminded me of the good 'ole MD days! We were probably practicing our lines getting ready for the incoming freshman right about now, 31 years ago. :)