Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine

One thing I didn't plan on bringing back from Arizona was a head cold.
I used to tell people that I never get sick, but I have to admit, in the last few years, I get sick at least once a year. And I freaking hate it. I am not good at taking it easy or relaxing and I'm just not a rester (sorry Nana.) Oh sure, I take a nap in the afternoons once in a while...but that's only so I can go out at night! This forced laying on the couch--because my head is aching, my ears are plugged and I can't stop coughing for five minutes--is for the birds. It's driving me nuts.
Of course, I will remind you that I HAVE NEVER CALLED IN SICK ONE TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE! That's thirty plus years of working. Through two pregnancies. And, lately, quite a few head colds.
And I'm not about to start now.
I'm doing the Day-Quil/NyQuil thing, drinking lots of water (with Emergen-C) and I swear I've sucked down a full bag of cough drops. I'm finishing up a bowl of Hot & Sour soup and am now seriously considering taking the medicine prescribed by all the guys I work with: a big shot of tequila.
They swear that one shot--(which you have to admit does assist in a good nights' sleep)--is just what the doctor ordered!
And, really...let's be honest...have you ever checked the ingredients in NyQuil?
Yep. Tequila and food coloring.
And, I swear tequila is cheaper.
I'll let you know how it works.


Protege said...

Aw, sorry that you re sick Julie.:(
I miss NyQuil! I never checked what is in it; I only know IT WORKED! One shot of NyQuil before bedtime and in the morning I was as good as new.;)
But perhaps tequila is cheaper.:P What about vodka or whiskey? As tequila is a bit hard to come by here in the cold North.;)
Get better soon.;)

Eliane said...

Keep practicing resting .... maybe you'll be good at it one day.
I came a long way and I love resting now.

Gina said...

Now is it Patron or Jose Cuervo? Does one work better than the other? I know one is much cheaper. NyQuil gives me nighmares,and DayQuil makes me feel like I can feel my hair growing, but it does work. I hope you feel better.

PETE Di LALLO said...

You are hilarious!!!
I going to take some of that DayQuil so I could feel MY hair growing!
Oh, and Julie, hope you will feel better soon...