Monday, September 15, 2008

Time with my personal trainer

I finally got a personal trainer.
Yep. I meet "Gio" every Monday morning at the Apple Store for my hour long "One to One" personal training session. Even though I have always had a Mac, my new laptop has been a little overwhelming to me--there are so many applications that I have never even used! I really want to get the most out of my new computer and Apple's personal training sessions are the best thing going. Knowing I have someone waiting for me, keeping me accountable--gets me up and out of the house and I am now on the road to personal fitness. Well, personal computer fitness!
My trainer, Gio, is awesome and brilliant! I am so envious of his knowledge!! (And he's a Dodgers fan to boot!) Just two sessions and I am already feeling great and looking better! I know that soon I will be in GREAT SHAPE with the help of this Apple Genius.
Last week Gio helped me 'migrate' all my information from my old computer to my new one--not a small feat! Today he helped me set up my external hard drive as my 'time machine' and went over basic organization in iTunes and iPhoto. That's when he gave me my homework assignment. Before I go back next week I have to get rid of all the photos I no longer need (I have over 10,000 pictures) and I have to delete all the duplicate songs I have in iTunes. For some reason, there are a lot.
So...I am going to go get my sweats on...I'm in for quite a workout.


PETE Di LALLO said...

Gee O wow,
I am envious of all the knowledge you are acquiring...pretty soon you will be 'totally' unstoppable!
(That's a good thing):)

Ange said...

wow. This is impressive Julie!

Anonymous said...

I want an Apple gigolo too!! How much does he charge??

Chris T (alanna's mom) said...

I'm jealous! I paid for a whole year of one on one training at Apple...and you know how many times I used it???? Yep....NONE! I am so mad I myself...I could have had a Gio??
(oh and I still don't know how to use my computer!)