Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer Lovin' in Greece

I am seriously considering an 18-day tour of Greece as my 2009 Summer Adventure. The trip is put together by the same guide who toured my group on the fabulous three-week European vacation I enjoyed in 2006.
He was the European History teacher at Saddleback College for 33 years so, like the last trip, it would be highly educational.
The last week is spent on a cruise of the Greek Isles and into Turkey. So I know it would be enjoyable and amazing as well.
The group experience has always made it really easy for me and keeps the cost way down too.
I'd love your thoughts on Greece!


Alli Hibb said...

I want to go too!
Just as long as I don't miss camp...not two years in a row!

Josh Peters said...

it's hotter than hell during the summer.
the food (gyros, greek salad, and lamb) are fantastic.
the water is a color blue that I had never seen before.
make sure you spend enough time in the country to do the majority of the mainland and a couple islands.
i'm planning on being back in Greece in 2009 so perhaps I'll see you there!

brad johnson said...

I've been twice. The culture is fabulous, the food to die for, the history....including much Christian scintillating. Great, great trip.