Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Damn, I HEART baseball

As the 'E's start showing up in the standings I must confess that I hold on even tighter to each and every wonderful day left in the season. I just watched the Dodgers win again (magic number is 8) and was thinking of how much I really love this game...every single bit of it!
What exactly do I love?? Here are just a few things...
1. I love being among the first to arrive at the stadium. (Last week I was there before the parking lot opened!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be there for batting practice. And I SO enjoy getting a hot dog and a beer and a bag of peanuts and watching the stadium as it slowly fills up...
2. I love that I remember watching the game with my dad when Hank Aaron hit 715! (I was only 9--but it was against the Dodgers!) And I still think Kirk Gibson's 'bottom of the 9th, 2 out pinch hit home run' in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series is MY greatest moment in baseball. And, if you can name the pitchers in both of these memorable events--I would like to marry you.
3. I love that it's a brand new ballgame at the beginning of every season. Everyone is tied for first on Opening Day. And there are no 'E's in sight.
4. I love that I have been to every baseball stadium in California. And the Diamondbacks' Chase Field too. And, that I have been to Yankees Stadium twice. (Many more to come!)
5. I so enjoy finding someone who 'speaks' baseball. I swear that it's my love language.
6. I love that the Dodgers won the World Series the year I was born...and the year I graduated high school. It's fate.
7. I freaking love Vin Scully. I love the way he talks so kindly about the players--even guys on the opposing team. I love that he is still turned on by a great pitch or incredible play. I love the memory of listening to Vin on the old black transistor radio in the garage with my dad--back in the day.
8. I love that I have met Steve Garvey, Tommy John, Don Sutton, Rod Carew and Greg Maddux.
9. I love a REAL pennant race. Give me a 'down to the wire' season over a '17 game lead' season any time. Sorry. Wait. No I'm not.
10. Oh...a perfectly beautiful squeeze!!!
11. I love singing 'Take Me out to the Ballgame." Seriously, I don't care if I ever get back.
12. I love Field of Dreams. And Sandlot. Yeah, Bull Durham too.
13. I cry when I see footage of Sandy Koufax. And Don Drysdale. And Kirk Gibson's homerun. (Sue me!)
14. I LOVE wearing my Dodgers jersey. And my Dodger t-shirts. And my beautiful fitted Dodger cap.
15. I love reading the box scores and standings every single day!
And there is SO much more to love!!!
Oh, but when those dang 'E's start showing up...ugh!
Hold on tight baseball lovers!
The Dodgers are serving up baseball at its VERY BEST right now!!!
No 'E' in sight.
And I am going to enjoy every last second of it!


TS Harrison said...

Hank Aaron 715 was Al Downing? (I didn't see this one)
Not sure about 714?
Kirk Gibson was Dennis Eckersley(sp)...i was living at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota, 5th grade...

Don't worry those were easy (i think i have the aaron one right) so i won't hold you to your promise.

But do you know who caught 715 in the bullpen area?

Bonds hit 755 off Mike Bascik.

McGwire hit 62 of Steve Trachsel. (I was walking down the dorm hallway at Bible college, and entered the lobby as the TV switched to the live coverage).

Bonds 71 & 72 were off Chan Ho Park (I was in Tulsa watching via TV)

Now I only read up to #2 so I have to go back and finish...

TS Harrison said...

#12...you forgot The Natural.

TS Harrison said...

Great list...I may have to copy and give you mine someday here real soon...