Thursday, September 18, 2008

STING lyrics

Allison gave me this book for my birthday last year. Or maybe it was for Christmas, I can't remember.
I have read it over several times, though it's hard to read without starting to sing the songs. I have to make myself READ it, usually out loud...and it's touching.
I love Sting. Having first seen him with the Police in 1980, and then AT LEAST 15 more times over the many years (that I could count), I kinda feel like Sting and I grew up together. Heck, I've known him for nearly 30 years.
The other night, a friend asked me what my favorite Sting song was. I guess I feel like that's a personal question really. Sting and I have had similar situations in our lives, especially our love lives, though Sting has found his soul mate, and I still search for mine. I know we've experienced a lot of the same joys and similar pain. But Sting has the enviable talent of being able to articulate those thoughts and craft them into songs that have communicated to--and totally entertained--multiple generations of people. Oh, and he's made a handsome living doing so.
I just blog about my thoughts and feelings...
I love Roxanne. And Message in a Bottle. Aah, the old ones.
I love Fragile and Driven to Tears.
I love You Still Touch Me and I'm so Happy I Can't Stop Crying.
And then there is When we Dance. I can't say that it's my favorite, but it brings the most thoughts and memories and seriously, touches me deeply. Listen to the words of that one sometime. Yes, I've been there.
And, there are a few lines that always stand out for me in certain Sting songs:
*It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile...
*Let your soul guide you upon your way...He'll guide you well...
*Something made me smile, something seemed to ease the pain, something about the universe and how we're all connected...
*I dream of love as time runs through my hand...(THAT LINE GETS ME!)
* De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Heck, real Sting lovers even get that one.
Yep...sometimes, there are no words.

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