Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baseball Prospects

So...I have (GREAT) tickets to game three and game four (if the Dodgers don't sweep of course) of the NLDS playoffs at Dodgers Stadium. We know where...we know when. The only thing we DON'T know is WHO they will be playing--the Cubs or the Phillies. We SHOULD know tomorrow and game one will be on Wednesday.
Just a little random fact to add to the suspense of the upcoming games: The Dodgers have won just ONE postseason game since 1988. Yeah. One.
I'm feeling really good about the Dodgers this year. What with all the Padres Diamondbacks and Astros fans that have been recruited lately--seems like the whole country is gonna ROOT ROOT ROOT for the Dodgers! Are YOU on board? Go BLUE!

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Eliane said...

I am with your Sister and rooting for the Dodgers. Jerry wants you to know that he is rooting for the Cubs. Do you believe the nerve?