Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weight a minute!

I have a weight problem.
It is, unfortunately, something that I (have to) think about every single day of my life. It's something that I literally battle and something that I have not been able to fully conquer.
I would not say that food is my problem.
Or even over eating.
Not that I don't LOVE food...I take AUDIBLE JOY in deliciousness...
but I can go without and not care.
Or at least I USED to!

I had TRULY learned how to stay at 130 pounds (a very good and healthy weight for me) through not eating carbohydrates. I literally stayed in my size six jeans and dresses for nearly five years by just not eating carbs. I was able to enjoy food a bit more and not stress about it on a constant basis.
That all changed about a year ago when I went to the gym and hired a trainer--thinking I could look even better. My trainer--all five feet and 80 pounds of her--was adamant about how dangerous and unhealthy and BAD and TERRIBLE the low carb lifestyle was--"especially for a woman at my stage of life."As I began to workout four and five and six days a week--and added (low fat) carbs to my diet--my weight creeped up. Sure, the old, "muscle weighs more than fat" saying was being told to me over and over...however, I quickly added 8 pounds and didn't look any 'fitter'! I was eating whole grains and oatmeal and fruits and vegetables...and popping out of my jeans!
Six months later--at 140 pounds--I literally stopped working out--cold turkey--and decided I'd go back to no carbs.
THAT was two months ago.
And it's not working. At all.
I have not lost any weight. In fact, I'm still gaining!
My jeans BARELY fit. I am (quite literally) popping out of my work skirts.
I CRINGE every day when getting on the scale.
I am not sure what to do. 
And, though I am happy in EVERY other area of my life...this is killing me.

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Sonja said...

It's because you're in love. That's my excuse and I think there's truth to it.