Friday, September 6, 2013

Sleep can weight

So...a big THANK YOU to all of you who reached out to me regarding my WEIGHT blog yesterday. The emails and text messages and loaned books and words of encouragement...were all very appreciated.

One person at work who had read the post asked me if I take any medications mentioning that there can be weight gain with some.
I said, "I'm not on any medication, however I take a shot of ZzzQuil every night."

And then I started there fat in ZzzQuil?
Calories? CARBS?

So I looked it up!
Holy Sleepless Nights!! Are you ready for this?!

There are 81 calories PER DOSE of ZzzQuil! (And that's a regular dose--I usually take "a little extra"!)
There are "up to" 6 carbs in one dose of ZzzQuil!! Hello!!!
And...there are 10 grams of SUGAR in a dose of ZzzQuil! multiply that by SEVEN days a week times four weeks a month times the last six months!
Yeah...that could truly make a difference!

Of course, I'm not blaming my weight gain SOLELY on ZzzQuil...
But you can better believe I have sipped my last Zzzip of the stuff!

I expect to be thinner by morning.
And probably a little tired. 


Lorraine said...

I am amazed at the difference a little "zip" can make in our daily intake. I recently purchased some of my usual creamer and when I got home the container had already been opened. I had to use non-fat milk instead. And when I noticed the nutrition label differences between the two, I opted to start changing the liquid I add to my morning coffee. Yes, I think making little changes can lead to other changes. I've been told that our stage in life, can contribute to the endless weight cycle as well. I'm routing for you!

Lorraine said...

Have you tried "melatonin"? It works like a charm for me.