Friday, September 6, 2013

10 things...

  1. Clean sheets and towels! (This is huge. I wash them at least once a week!)
  2. The beep beep beep of the coffee maker going off in the morning!
  3. Dave.
  4. A brand new lotion. Or new kind of shampoo. Or a sweet fragrance of body wash.
  5. Running all my errands in perfect order. (Please let me know that you understand this.)
  6. Pumpkins!! (and ANY pumpkin flavored food or beverage--or lotion!)
  7. Any and ALL Elton John songs (PRE "Can you feel the love tonight.")
  8. Guests at the hotel who say, "Thank you so much, Julie.
  9. READING (especially finishing the last few pages of a book...I get so excited!)
  10. Planning a trip/vacation/weekend away/special day. (I LOVE the anticipation of an upcoming adventure!)


md said...

Top Three: Julie, Julie, Julie!

Kelly said...

I noticed Dave ranked after clean sheets and coffee (hee hee)!!!!

And I totally understand the errands in order.....It's our OCD.

Sonja said...

You know I understand number 5! (And number 10.)