Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sweet Dreams

With Cousin Ricky (He's Sweet too)
 When asked last year if I wanted to go in with a few people and buy a race horse, I quickly said, "Sure...why not?" 
I had just lost several thousands of dollars in the stock market (again) and thought, "what the heck?!"...could horse racing really be any more of a gamble?
Let me tell you...I had no idea what I was in for. 
There is no way I could have EVER imagined the payoff that was awaiting me. 
I hit the jackpot, my friends. The jackpot!
Now, in all fairness, I must tell you that financially, I have been able to just about break even. But in every single other area of my life--I have been absolutely blown away by what I have received through this "investment." 
I have won the lottery.
Sweet Lu's marking looks much like an Apple Computer logo
And the gifts just keep coming. 
I am now part (though admittedly a tiny little sliver of a portion of a part) owner of FOUR racehorses. Four amazingly beautiful, captivating, loving, sweet, kind and OH so photogenic racehorses. And because my schedule is so flexible and I get off early and have mid week days off...I have been able to go BE with these horses quite often. I have been able to see them within weeks of their births, watch them as they grow, see them train, even time their workouts. I have been able to spend time with trainers and groomsmen and walkers and riders. And while spending lovely mornings and afternoons and evenings out at the Race Tracks of Santa Anita and Hollywood Park and Del Mar and Los Alamitos--and at various stables and training facilities--I have been able to ask question after question, soak it all in, and I have learned SO much. And not just about racing, mind you. About breeding and bridles and broodmares. About sires and stallions and studbooks. About blinkers and bleeders and bugboys...and oh so much more.
The information and knowledge about my new found hobby (and love!) has been worth millions.
Seattle Shamrock knows she's the prettiest...even with her tongue out.
Have a mentioned the long drives out to those destinations? The rides with my fellow owners out to see our sweet horse have been worth their weight in gold. No doubt! The many miles traveled together have been the best investment of all--yielding huge dividends of amazing conversation, much laughter and ever-deepening friendship. Not to mention the many MANY breakfasts we have shared at the track...dinners after the races...the delicious donuts along the way. 

And OH, let us not forget the sweet horses themselves! These beautiful animals are ALWAYS so happy to see us! They know us! They lick and kiss us and pose for many a picture. Over and over and over. They let me love them, stroke them, hold them close. I love them! Who knew it could be?!
(I call her Sweet Shamrock)
Through my little investment I have given love, felt love and been loved--such an unbelievably surprising experience.
What a deal I made!

I do know that the ultimate goal of this adventure is to win a big race--to take home big money--to own another "I'll Have Another"--I get that--and I truly look forward to that day, to the JOY, and to the Winner's Circle photos that I will PROUDLY hang on my wall. 

But let me tell you honestly...I SERIOUSLY can't imagine anything being more rewarding than this last year or so that I have shared with the horses and my fellow owners. And all the other people who have entered my life through this amazing sport of kings.
I've attained the prize of a lifetime. 
I have reaped the benefits of my (very measly) investment HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of times over now. I have been rewarded with immense amounts of love. With an overflowing amount of happiness. With great joy and endless laughter--and immeasurable amounts of HOPE. 

And a whole lot of pictures of me with a horse.
And our Sweet Juju

I rarely play the stock market anymore. 
Hanging out with my investments is far more enjoyable.


Lorraine said...

I have often started a blog entry about this very title and have found it difficult to put my feelings into words. My portion (as tiny as it may be) is equally fruitful in so many ways and I have savored every bit of this journey as well. Well written, Sweet Julie!! I'm so proud to be one of your partners! :)

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book...this is a good start. I glad your year as so memerable. Have a wonderful trip!!

Steve P said...

As you know, I dont usually comment but to mirror Lorraines' sentiment, this has been a great time and it gets better every race, every horse. I too, am a proud partner with some great people and most importantly, lifetime friends. Thanks for letting me share these times with you all.