Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training Day

I started working with a trainer at the gym in late July. Having been a bit frustrated with my lack of being able to firm up and lose weight, I was encouraged to spend a couple of months with a professional trainer, if only to figure out what I was doing wrong and how to get back on track.
It has been fantastic for SO many reasons! First off, I need the accountability. When I get off work in the afternoons, I am so tired that I have often been able to talk myself OUT of going to the gym. It's so nice to have someone there waiting for me, encouraging me and telling me that I am doing a great job. Secondly, it's been FUN and I am already beginning to see and feel results! Honestly, I feel SO good when I leave now!
My trainer's name is Tamlyn and besides being in amazing shape and being a certified trainer, she also has a Bachelor's in Psycho Biology from UCLA. She has helped me with my EATING as much as she has helped me with my workouts--and I am OH so very grateful. My arms are looking fabulous, my clothes are fitting better and she even does a few minutes of the foam roller with me each day before I leave.
My sister Gina gave Tamlyn the nickname, "Triple T" for Tamlyn, the Tiny Trainer. Tamlyn is probably 5 foot 2 and I can't imagine she weighs more than 100 pounds. And that's pure muscle. I have been calling her Triple T for the last couple of weeks, and she loves it!
Today when I came in she said, "I have a nickname for you! Have you ever seen the PowerPuff girls? You are TOTALLY Bubbles--the Blue PowerPuff girl and I'm calling you that from now on!" 
She went on to say that I am so animated (me?!)--always making her laugh with my grunts and the pain-filled faces that I make--and that I am so bubbly--just like Bubbles! She also added that Bubbles is the Blue one...and since I love the Dodgers, well, it's just meant to be.
Tamlyn asked if I would please wear ponytails when I come next time too.

Getting fit is just one benefit of belonging to the gym and working with a trainer. Having someone there to guide me--with diet as well as exercise, encourage me with constant "Come on Julie, 5 more..."  and make sure I don't get hurt in the meantime--are benefits that far exceed the cost of the trainer. Tenfold.
Having someone who I can make laugh (she thinks I'm hilarious) throughout the whole workout--and someone who gives me the PERFECT nickname...well, that's practically priceless.
I suppose she does look a little like me....

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sprinkles said...

I had a friend in jr. high who used to call me Bubbles.

I don't think you need to lose weight! I only wish I looked half as good as you. Although, I could weight 87 pounds and would still hate the way I looked.

I really wish I could afford a personal trainer. It would definitely be worth it because I need to have accountability too.