Monday, August 13, 2012

Eat, drink, and remarry...

Heading into the purchasing department the other day, I was confronted with sweet and lovely  confections in a GIANT pretty pastry box. "Here, Julie--have one!"
Oh so tempting Sprinkles Cupcakes--the most beautiful and practically perfect cupcakes I've ever seen--were lined up so pretty and neat...just waiting to be tasted...
and I was being offered the very first one.

"Oh man...I can't...but thank you guys!" I said while looking at the beauties with GREAT intrigue and bringing my face as close as possible to the box and inhaling their incredible aroma!
"What? How can you resist?" said one of the guys.
"Come on, you know you want one..." another chimed in.

I quickly told them that I was working out regularly and really watching my diet, trying especially hard to stay away from sugar. Especially THIS much BEAUTIFUL sugar.

"Are you engaged?" the third guy in the office asked.
"What?" I questioned.
"Are you engaged...are you trying to fit into a wedding dress?"

Granted, he doesn't know me very well, but still, isn't that just a tad offensive or odd to say the least? To think that I would be taking care of myself and getting healthy for someone else...or to get into a wedding dress? To think there was a motive besides just wanting make myself healthy and happy?

You know me, I THINK these defensive thoughts, but I would never say them out loud...

I just smiled as I continued to oogle over the cupcakes and said, " wedding dress. But I AM doing this for a very important person...ME."
They were kind, and told me to keep up the good each of them shoved a cupcake into their mouth.

Of course, I have to admit, as I walked back down the hallway, I starting thinking about ROCKING an amazing wedding dress...
I better get in shape.


Kelly said...

Oh.....please tell me you grabbed one of those yummy cupcakes for me!!!

Zuzana said...

This reminds me of the last 4 months, I have been trying to loose weight and had to decline all cakes at work.;) Have slipped occasionally, especially when invited to dinners, but as long as i stick to the plan, it has been easy to loose weight.;))