Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vision of Love

I've been looking for a hutch or a cabinet--or SOMETHING--to give me a little extra storage for Christmas plates and my tea cups and wine glasses, etc. With Dave's amazing cooking, he needed more space in the actual kitchen for FOOD and ingredients (things I haven't really had in my home over the last nine years!) 
Found this cabinet (on the left) at the same second hand store where I purchased my dining room table, coffee table, desk and dresser. Always used and needing a good home! The owner of the little shop has painted EVERY item of furniture in my home now. She knew exactly what I was hoping to see...
And it is a beauty!!
While eating nachos and enjoying a giant Margarita during the Superbowl today, I was THRILLED to be able to put EVERYTHING in the cabinet...and achieve just the look I was hoping for! This opened up TWO full cabinets in the kitchen to be used as a pantry rather than for storage! Hooray!
Tomorrow I will pick up part two of this great dining room transformation...
will be posting more joy tomorrow night...
PS The cabinet that I found at first was at Pottery Barn (below) and was $1500 plus $250 for delivery. Unfortunately, it's also about 6 inches too long to fit on the wall.
The one above was $648--including the new paint job, home delivery AND help getting it up the stairs...and it fits perfectly. Priceless!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE fixing up our home! :)

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