Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A JOYOUS day off!

 after (puttied every hole and repainted the wall...)
watch for part two of this wall's life sometime this week
 ...and moved everything (meticulously) over to the other side of the room...

I treated myself to a new sewing basket (the one I had was a gift from my mother in law on my 21st birthday...) and transferred everything over neatly! I can't wait to mend something! 
Actually, the first thing I did this morning was clean out my toolbox. It had been years. Now everything has a place and I can find what I need. 
I love order.
I've heard it said that for every minute you spend organizing, you save yourself an hour of time. 
I absolutely believe that! 
And--organizing is perhaps my MOST favorite thing to do. I LOVE to clean and put things in order and KNOW where everything is! 'A place for everything and everything in its place."
I'm almost there. 
IKEA tomorrow...and that blank wall will become a masterpiece in organization!

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Lorraine said...

You know how absolutely impressive this is, right? Can't wait to see part two!