Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ours is just a bit of sorrow...

I LOVE thinking that I am an 'extra' sipping coffee in the background of someone else's life.
It's quite arrogant to think that it's all about me. To think that MY problems, issues, worries, thoughts...are ANY more important than any one else's or matter to anyone else in the whole world at all! To be honest, this paragraph brings me comfort. I know that I am just one tiny little part of this great big universe. And my problems, issues, worries and thoughts are of zero concern to the majority of humanity.
This paragraph is why I have always found solace in going to Target or Costco or even Disneyland or another country! I can see all around me that others are concerned with their own lives and their own issues and thoughts and their own happiness...and I can just take care of me and my own little world.
I'm allowed and encouraged to take care of just me.
Deep thinking on this early Saturday morning.

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