Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bait and Switch

 It's no secret that I hate to spend money. The kind way to say this is that I'm frugal, however it's really that I think SO much of what we spend money on is ridiculous.
My car is filthy. It's been months--yes months--since I've had it washed. I drove over to the car wash yesterday and, as I stopped the car in the appropriate spot, I could see the prices posted on the wall in front of me. $16.95 for the simple car wash. OK, I thought, I'll break down and spend this to get a good wash and vacuum out my faithful car.
The thing is, when I told the man that was the wash I wanted, he offered me TEN other options--"Today only--$99 for a complete detail!", "OK, for you, $75--we'll clean the rims, the undercoating, and the engine will sparkle!", "How about $50 and we'll throw in your choice of Pina Colada or New Car Scented air freshener!"
Are you kidding me? Do I get a lobster dinner with that? A ticket to Disneyland? $99?! Sheesh!
I said, "No thank you--just the $16.95 wash please."
He wouldn't give up.
I got in my car and as I drove off, I realized why I never go back to the car wash.

It's the same reason I don't get a manicure or a pedicure. Sure, it's posted out front "$20 pedicure", but somehow--through TRULY high pressure sales--it ends up costing me $50 or more. It's so stressful to me when they start offering me all the extras! No thank you!! Can I just get the $20 pedicure, please?!"

I really have a hard time with this...I hate being pressured into buying something I don't want--or MORE than I want--when I really don't even want to spend the money in the first place.

And so, my car is still dirty--but amazingly, still drivable. 
And I trim my own toenails and scrub my own feet.
And they look pretty good.

And my stress level is way down.
And my bank account balance--way up.

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