Sunday, July 21, 2013

Writing in cars with boys

Writing eight years ago was easy. I had just become single, I was living solo, I had started a new career, moved 10 miles away, had new friends, new thoughts, travels, experiences and lots of brand new free time.
I wrote incessantly. I was blogging two and three times a day sometimes. I had so much to say!
I quickly learned to love the solitude, savor the sanctuary and looked forward to sitting down every night to write about what NEW adventure had happened that day! I was learning so much about life, about myself, about this new world I was in...
and I couldn't stop writing about it.
Funny thing is...I still have so much to say...but, for some reason, have a harder time sitting down to write about it. I make lists of things I'm thinking about and start new blog posts nearly daily...but it's just not that easy anymore.
I'm not sure what changed.
Here's the list of things that I've been wanting to blog about:
  • Coupons--I used to be the queen.
  • Why do we ask questions that we don't want the answers to?
  • Why is working 10 days straight so much harder than working five or six?
  • I love paper shopping bags...I'm a self proclaimed bag lady.
  • How a new pair of shoes can make your whole world feel better
  • How a clean car makes your whole world brighter
  • How I always wanted to be that crazy woman who traveled the world
  • How in the world can I need wrinkle cream and zit cream at the same time?
  • My son once told me that I could be happy even if I worked in a Concentration Camp. 
  • There's a lady at work who has been married 50 years. And she's never loved her husband. 
  • Our horse Juju has had at least a half dozen owners. I wonder if she misses me. 
  • Dave and I write in code to each other. Sweet secret messages. 
  • I love getting my tires balanced and rotated and getting my oil changed. 
  • I never run out of anything at my house. NEVER!
  • I was trained for the second half of my life through my first half. 
Other than that? mind never stops.
However, I am going to go do a few things around the house and hope to come back and write a little later.
No promises.
Just know that my intentions are good. 


Lorraine said...

Today my entry is about the changes in my writing. So similar and yet different from yours. I can't wait to read what you have to say about everything!

sprinkles said...

I have more free time now since it's summer, but find that I have nothing to say. Once school starts up again, I'll have lots to say, but not time to say it! lol Funny how that works out!

Anonymous said...

I miss all that you have to say !!!