Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's a Different World

The black and white photo on the top is my Great Grandmother, "Mamma (pronounced: Mamaw)" with my mother (left) and my Aunt Kathy. By their looks, I'm guessing this photo was taken in about 1943. My mom was born in 1940 and my Aunt Kathy in 1942.
My Great Grandmother was born in 1899--making her 44 years old in this photo.
That brings us to the photo on the bottom--taken yesterday...Friday, July 26, 2013. Me with my niece, Sunny--who is 13--and my nephew, Elijah--who is six. I am 50.
I'm not saying ANYTHING against my LOVELY and VERY KIND Great Grandmother. I am just making an observation...HOW MUCH OLDER DOES SHE LOOK THAN ME?
TODAY, she would be taken for a MUCH OLDER woman--maybe someone even in her 70s. Just the look, the clothes, the 'matronly' characteristics!! And she is 44.
All I'm saying is...
It's a different world.
And I'm so grateful.

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Lorraine said...

Wow. Truly amazing. There is a true gift in being here today rather than before. The choices I made and the reactions of others would be so different if my life experiences happened 50 years ago. I am experiencing life with a society that has learned to accept and adapt, not judge. I am grateful for the here and now.