Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a GREAT day!

 With a tremendous burst of energy gratefully reserved for my only day off this week, I was up early and ready to tackle a full day's worth of household tasks and chores...
As I sit here now in my AMAZINGLY clean and COMPLETELY organized house...I must share with you what I accomplished in just under eight hours:
  • The Christmas tree and all ornaments and decorations were (neatly, orderly and meticulously) taken down and put away.
  • All the Christmas dishes, platters, cups, etc have been washed and organized and put away (perfectly and in an amazingly organized manner) for use next year.
  •  Four loads of laundry were washed, dried, folded and put away. Including sheets and all towels. 
  • Two boxes and one giant bag brought out to the dumpster! (I LOVE having the dumpsters!)
  • I took all the gifts that were left here for my two sisters up north to the post office to be shipped off today. 
  • One big load was dropped at the Goodwill.
  • I even spent 1/2 hour on the treadmill and then an hour with my trainer at the gym today! (Barely 4% of my day!) 
  • I came back home to dust, sweep the patio, water the plants and take down all the Christmas lights--inside and out. (Which, of course, are now ALSO neatly put away for next year!)
  • The entire house has been vacuumed.
  • The bathrooms have been cleaned and I spent a little time organizing and straightening things up in the garage. 
  • And I mended a hole in my jeans (that was for YOU, Kelly!) 
I am now ready to go back to work for the next couple of days...
and then on to Arizona Sunday for my cousin Robin's New Year's Eve wedding!
Oh how lovely a clean and orderly home feels!
And OH how I love a productive day off!


Kelly said...

Oh thank God.......I was getting really tired of seeing all that skin poking out of your jeans!!! (LOL)

sprinkles said...

Can you come to my house now and clean everything up? lol

Sonja said...

Sigh . . . you know we share the same affection for cleaning and organizing, but somehow I didn't get the energy you have such an abundance of nor the time (yet - someday I'll have more time)!!!