Saturday, November 17, 2012

Starting LIVING

The other day I was with a group people and we were talking about enjoying life. One of the girls said to me, "I live vicariously through you--your life, your job, your adventures, your travels!"
To which I answered..."My life? Why aren't you living and enjoying your own life?"
She said, "Oh, I don't have any money. And I'm so busy. Someday..."
You can imagine my thoughts.

Here's the deal...someday doesn't come. Never comes. Honestly, you have to get up off the couch and start living life TODAY!

Here are 10 ways that I believe help make life more interesting, exciting, blogworthy and enjoyable!
  1. A tidy house is a tidy mind so make your surroundings less cluttered. By doing this it shows to yourself that you're making a change and bringing out a new improved self. Having a clean home will also make you feel good about yourself, help you to be more organized, allow you to have friends over more often without feeling ashamed, and save you time when looking for things.
  2. Stop focusing on the negatives. So next time you get invited out somewhere, or you have an assignment due in, don't let your brain fill up with bad things about it, focus on the positives and you'll find yourself enjoying even the smallest things. IMMEDIATELY stop saying you don't have enough time or money! We all have the same amount of time--it's what you do with it that makes a difference. Money? Get a job! Sell something! Start living frugally!
  3. Get a new hobby! Go play tennis! Take a dance class at the YMCA! Go for a walk at the park! GO VOLUNTEER AT A HOSPITAL OR CHURCH OR SOUP KITCHEN! Do something that will get you out with new people and new ideas! Rent a yoga video or actually COOK one of those meals Rachel Ray is telling you about!
  4. Look on the internet and in your local newspaper to find local events like flea markets, food festivals, music events. Pick out things and just GO! See new sights! Smell new scents! Sample new foods! People watch!
  5. Explore own town. When you travel anywhere the place your visiting always seems so much more interesting than where you live. But really there is lots to do around where you live--historical sites, presidential libraries, missions, museums, old towns that have been renovated and updated. Get in the car and check them out!
  6. Accept all invitations. If you keep coming up with excuses why you can't socialize then people will just forget about you and stop inviting you to their events. It is fun to go see friends, dress up, tell old stories, walk around their boutique, attend their birthday party! 
  7. Have people over to your home!  Organize a potluck at your house! Everyone can bring a dish or a beverage--you just provide the home and plates and napkins! (And maybe a bottle of two buck Chuck!) Planning a party is fun! Asking folks what they're bringing, having a reason to get the house clean and ready--taking photos and enjoying the time catching many reasons to have people over!
  8. Spend time around happy people. Avoid people who moan and complain about things all the time and look for people with a good sense of humor who have a positive outlook on life. You'll find that their positivity is contagious.
  9. Eat a good balanced diet. A balanced diet is good for your health, but also makes you feel better about life! Feeling better and taking care of yourself will give you more confidence and keep you feeling happy.
  10. Make the daily, routine things of life fun!  Have you noticed I take photos of my work day? I take photos of my organized garage? I blog about going for a long walk! I share photos of my home made salads on Facebook! It's how you LIVE it that makes it exciting! Decide to get up, take a shower and do something new and exciting today!
PLEASE notice that NONE of the ideas above cost money! I have a very fun life and live VERY frugally--monistically even! I just get out and LIVE! I go where I'm invited! I take pictures of life and post them on Facebook! It's really very simple...but I enjoy it so much!
There's no trick to LIVING a fun, enjoyable life.
You just have to get out there and do it.
Stop living through other people. Stop waiting for your ship to come in. Stop complaining about not having money to do anything.
And start living life.
I can't wait to see your pictures

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