Friday, November 30, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

All my Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready to go...and under the tree. And, though it may seem impossible, I haven't done any Christmas shopping. Yes, I have gifts for every single person in my family...AND they are fun, thoughtful and personal (if I may say so myself), but I haven't PURCHASED anything at all.

This year, as we have the last few Christmases, the DiLallo family has decided to do the "Make it, bake it, write it, paint it, or re-gift it" Christmas exchange.
It's been quite a hit the last several years...for many reasons:

First off--none of us is in a financial position to go out and buy gifts for every person in our (rather large) family. This also takes away the pressure to spend money we don't have or to charge up credit cards and pay for things through the next year!
Secondly, and gratefully, NONE of us needs ANYTHING at all. We are all very fortunate to have all that we "NEED."
Thirdly, we all have too much already. Seriously. It's time to start giving things away. It feels good, frees up space and allows someone else to enjoy the things we don't necessarily require anymore. (If you don't know the JOY--the FREEDOM--of giving things away--of lightening your load--call me today and we'll talk! It's FABULOUS!)
Most importantly through this, the gifts become much more personal. They are thoughtful and meaningful. They are hand made or home baked or personally chosen for each person. You feel more of a sense of 'giving' when you know that what you give each person could not be given to anyone else. It's actually a good feeling to know that my belongings are now in the good hands of someone who will appreciate and love on them! Silly as it may sound, it's nice to know that things are being USED, WORN, WATCHED, LOVED...not just 'collected' and 'stored' and 'stacked' in my home. 

For me, because I am not necessarily crafty or creative,  I go shopping in my own home for everyone's gifts. I have SO much (yes, still!) and as we do this year after year, I have begun to take notes when people are in my home! When they mention they like something or need something that I have, I wrap it up as soon as they leave and check off another gift for Christmas! I am also fortunate to receive many gifts from guests in my job. Books, DVDs, clothing, notebooks...even perfumes and toiletries! Rather than stop at the Goodwill with these items (as I used to do for years!) I have stored all of these 'treasures' in a trunk in my living room!  It has made for AMAZING 'no shopping' shopping for Christmas (and birthday) gifts!

As I explained to my 12 year old niece the other night, the best part about this gift exchange is that it absolutely puts the JOY back in the giving. It's exciting to see what you can come up with! You get to be creative! Clever! Resourceful!
And everything is SO much more special for the receiver!
On top of it all, you absolutely don't have to spend a dime--and you can get a head start on your New Year's Resolution to clear out your home.

If you're wondering what you could give me for Christmas, please know that, honestly, all I want for Christmas is you. Come over and join me on my sweet comfy couch or out on my peaceful little balcony. I'll make a pot of coffee and we can share a donut or two. Maybe even some bacon.
Or I can open a bottle of wine or bake up some cookies...
I'll thoroughly be enjoying the present.

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md said...

Your presence is the greatest present a person could ask for. 138