Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bloom where you're planted

There is not much that either Dave or I miss about our 'previous' lives, but there is one biggy:
Pre 2005 I ALWAYS had a garden--flowers of every kind--mostly roses--which I LOVED to tend to, feed, prune, clip, display---you name it. It brought me GREAT joy to have a beautiful garden.
Dave LIVED for his garden as if perhaps he had been a farmer in a previous life. He grew vegetables of EVERY kind--giant zucchini, pumpkins, fabulous brought HIM tremendous joy to tend to, feed, prune, clip...and eat.
Sure, we've got a few pots on our (tiny, little condo) front porch, but without a hose out there and not much sun, well, it's definitely not quite the same. 
I found the photo above on the Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page and had to grab it! (In the 'olden days' I would CUT them out and tack them to a bulletin board!)
The photo is TRULY my dream home. A small little house out in the big woods, simple, pretty...and with a luscious garden all around. Pots of flowers and room for vegetables to grow wild!
I shared this with Dave this morning and tears welled up in his eyes as he looked at it...
like I said, there's not much we miss...
but damn if we don't miss those blooming plants.

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Sweet Lu said...

Agreed. It is the one thing I miss the most as well. There is therapy in every garden. There are results that come from the hard work, efforts and love put into nurturing each and every plant. To this day, I feel guilty tossing even the most pathetic of plants as I believe there is hope for all of them.....Yes, I miss my yard too.