Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's no secret that I love cleaning and organizing. I love to have clean sheets, fresh towels and I absolutely TOTALLY love vacuuming and having clean floors and carpets!
Dave and I have our own schedule on how often we clean things....gratefully, we have just about identical thoughts on clean!
I found this "Clean Home Every Day" chart and thought I'd pass it on. I agree with it wholeheartedly! (I LOVE coming home to a clean house after work each day!)
Today was a 'day off' for me and, being that tomorrow we start a fresh new month, I decided to do the 'monthly' checklist. Dave bought us a FABULOUS vacuum a few months ago--one that you 'dump out' the contents after each use. It's a Eureka Muticyclonic and IT'S AMAZING!
I highly recommend you purchase this type the next time you need a vacuum. I believe you will be ASTOUNDED at what is in your home! Plus the attachments and hose are SO easy to use and they actually STAY on the vacuum while you're using it!

I did all the 'monthly' chores today as well as most of the others.
Only things I would change: We take out the trash every day. We're lucky to have dumpsters in our complex so there is no limit to how much trash we can dispose of. Truthfully, sometimes we take trash out two or three times a day.
Also, I vacuum on average twice a week. Not daily for sure. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE vacuuming?!) And I iron (and do mending) once a week too.
And, I would add WASH KITCHEN AND BATHROOM AREA RUGS and vacuum your mattress on the 'monthly' list too. (Honestly, if I could make a living vacuuming, I would!)
The house looks good. It smells good. It's in order. The baseboards are clean, everything is dust-free  and the last load of towels are in the dryer. And I can't wait to go to bed tonight. Is there anything more enjoyable than getting in fresh, clean sheets?
Honestly, I freaking love this. Nothing feels better than a clean home.
Well, OK...things seem even better when our home is clean.


Sweet Lu said...

Agreed, there NOTHING more welcoming than clean sheets. The rest of the stuff, I'll get to it tomorrow. :)

German Zollinger said...

It must be lovely to live in a home where all the sheets and towels are always clean, and the state of floors and everything are immaculate and organized. Your cleaning checklist says it all; your house must be one the best home in your area in terms of cleanliness. I think it would nice if you’ll give us a virtual tour to see it ourselves. Cheers!

German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment