Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good Jeans

The last time I bought a pair of jeans was December 2006. 
I was shopping at (the Flagship) Nordstrom in Seattle with Allison and she strongly encouraged me to ‘bite the bullet’ and buy some good, stylish jeans. 
I stood in the fitting room while she brought me probably 10 or 12 pair of different kinds of jeans to try on. Some, of course, didn't fit my short, larger in the rear end body, but I would hand them back to Allison and she'd have another pair for me to try on. Off, on, off, on and, eventually, there they were: the perfect pair! I couldn't believe that they fit my body perfectly--including the length! I thought I HAD to have these jeans...
Until I saw that they were $150. Yep. Are you kidding me?!

And guess what?
I bought two pair of those jeans.

That was seven years ago.
I have not bought any jeans since then…and I wear these two pair constantly. In fact, I have no other pants! 
They still look great--thanks to washing on ‘gentle’ and hanging to dry-- and they still fit—most of the time. I get compliments on how cute they are. 
Yes, even seven years later. 

All that to say that the $300 I invested in those pants seven years ago makes the jeans cost about $40 a year. Which is about $3.50 a month. I figure if I wear them a dozen times each month—it’s cost me about 25cents per wear. 
Total deal, right?

I know, I know…it wouldn’t kill me to buy a new pair.
But why would I?

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Lorraine said...

I couldn't agree more! Quality is better than quantity, for some. For me, I think equally thrifty, I buy more frequently but shop at T.J.Maxx and won't pay more than $20 for a pair. Anything more is too much.