Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I am inspired by...

  1. People who succeed despite ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THEIR LIFE. People who don’t make excuses for where they are. People who get back up no matter how many times life knocks them down.
  2. Hearing that someone is going back to school to finish their degree! I was 37 when I graduated college and I'm ALWAYS the head cheerleader for anyone who decides to better themselves and pursue a degree. It's such a great feeling of accomplishment.
  3. New associates at work. Their happiness, anxiousness, excitement, hopefulness...all inspirational.
  4. Reading. More specifically reading and learning things that I never knew I didn't know! Finding out WHY or WHERE or WHO...figuring out a better way to do something or an alternative way to SEE something. I LOVE that!
  5. Baseball. It ain''t over til it's over. I remember hearing Joe Torre say that the key to his successes all those years with the Yankees was that they played, "all nine innings." They didn't give up when they were behind! They didn't get discouraged.  A good lesson for life.
  6. Technology. I love learning how to do something new. The NEW system for self service at the Post office (genius!), Instagram, using the voice memo on my phone...finding NEW things that my iPad can do.
  7. Getting older! I LOVE who I am now at 50. I am SO much smarter than I have ever been. So much more positive and secure in myself. So much more filled with joy. I am proud of who I am and where I'm going. I love taking care of myself and figuring out how I can do it even better in the coming years. 
  8.  Checking off my to do list! From all the little errands I have to run on my day off to blogging to walking to wrapping gifts and writing cards for the upcoming month's birthdays and events...being productive makes me feel BETTER and more ALIVE. That feeling of accomplishment after a long, hard SUCCESSFUL day of productivity actually inspires me to get up the next day and make it happen again!
  9. Dave--he makes me want to be a better person. (Who knew that really existed?) He makes me want to work harder and rest more! He makes me want to save money yet splurge on little delights during the week. He makes me want to LOVE more than I ever thought possible. He's silly and amazing. Hilarious and handsome. Fun and friendly. He loves people...all the time.
  10. A good cup of coffee. A great conversation. Chocolate chip calzones and Bananas Foster! My nieces and nephews. My friends' blogs. Creativity. One of Dave's home made meals. Traveling. A great view! New York City. Girls' Night Out. The Dodgers' current season. Love. Smiles. Joy. My life long girlfriends. Change. Quiet. Elton John's old songs....
Let's face it. Life is full of inspiration. 

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