Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pack and play (not pay!)

I always say, "I want to have a little house and a BIG suitcase!" 
But the truth is...I really only need a little suitcase! 
We are starting to get things together and pack for our Amazing Alaskan Adventure and I am realizing I already have everything I need. Sweaters? Check! Pants? Check! Toiletries, scarves, hats, jackets? Check check check check! The only thing on my shopping list for the trip is bug spray. 
And that feels good.  
It's quite a treat to know that I don't need to spend any money for anything new to take on a trip anymore. And it's an even bigger treat to know that I don't even WANT to buy anything! 
Less is more...especially when you're traveling.
Camera? Check. Books? Check. 
Best friend at my side for the adventure?
Check check check! 
We have everything we need.


Lorraine said...

I have learned from the best! Packing a small carry on to enjoy two weeks in Europe. CHECK! Now, I travel with nothing more, ever. And today, my suitcase was approximately 27 lbs. and there is so much room, I debated on taking an even smaller one!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

md said...

Having my very best friend next to me is life's true pleasure. Traveling with the most lovable woman on earth is exhilarating. So close. 138