Friday, August 2, 2013

A gift for me...

One thing I have had a bit of a hard time living without is my extra room. In the home that I lost to foreclosure, I had an upstairs 'loft' that was about as big as my current bedroom. It was my office/workroom/craft space and my wrapping paper room! I LOVE to give presents and the lack of order with wrap and gift bags and ribbon and GIFTS has just about made me nuts.
This morning while reading this GREAT ORGANIZING BLOG  I had a revelation! I, too, could use my 'hidden' spaces better...I started working on my Wrapping Station immediately!

Here are all the goodies I had stuffed in a cabinet--completely disorganized!
And Voila! Two rectangle baskets and two $2.99 curtain rods from Hobby Lobby--and I was well on my way to order!
The curtain rods hold up the tissue paper on one side and the gift bags and wrap on the other side! 

 Inside, the box on the left has 'future gifts' inside it, while the box on the right has ribbon and tape and scissors and other wrapping goodies in it! Everything fits, it's all organized ready for EASY and ENJOYABLE gift giving!
And now it's out of sight as well.

Oh how I love order.

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