Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spray la vie

A few nights ago the shower head snapped off--mid-stream--causing a few curse words to echo through the house.
Once I was able to feel my way to turn off the water as it sprayed in every direction, I held the fatally wounded shower massager in my hand--and I could see what bad shape it was in. It looked terrible!
As I thought about it a bit--naked and wondering how I was going to take a shower the next morning--I realized that I had brought this shower head from my last house--and from the house before that! That made it nearly EIGHT years old.

As I laid in bed the next morning knowing that a trip to Home Depot was in store after work--I started to realize that MANY of the things I bought when I became single--over EIGHT years ago now--are getting OLD!
Do you realize how crazy that is to me?
I used to measure the newness of something knowing that I had purchased it since I moved out on my own. It used to not be so long ago.

But now when I tell people that I've been single for eight years, I am aware of the fact that it sounds like a very long time. SO much has happened in those eight years...and yet, they often seem like a blip.
It was only then that I realize my iPod is also eight years is my printer, my blow dryer and (gulp) most of my clothes. I'm suddenly aware of how old my new things are.

As quickly as it's gone by...eight years is a very long time.
And, obviously, for shower's a lifetime. 

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Lorraine said...

Love the title of your post today and the perfect picture that goes along with it. Old and new......yes, I have lots of "new" things that are already 4 years old.....

It's great to ponder time, isn't it?