Thursday, March 28, 2013

A simple kind of life...

Do you want to live a simpler life? A life that is less hectic, less stressful, more enjoyable and much happier? Well, here's a list of 20 ways to get you started!

1.       Live beneath your means.
2.       Stop buying things. (Amazing what you DON’T need if you just stay out of Target!)
3.       Get up earlier—give yourself time to ‘ease’ into the day…never rush around.
4.       Surround yourself with good (kind, nice, thoughtful, loving) people.
5.       Say goodbye to any person in your life who doesn't fit that profile.
6.    Find a job you love. You'll be astounded at how lucky you get when you work hard!
7.    Cook and eat and drink coffee at home.
8.       Seek out the silver linings in EVERY situation!
9.      Go for a walk. Look around you! Stop and smell the roses!
10.   Maintain your car and keep a clean, organized house.
11.   Get rid of ‘stuff’ constantly! Books, kitchen items, clothes...clutter!
12.   Realize you will never please just stop trying.
13.   Be your real self—the same person with everyone. (This one feels soooo good!)
14.   Set your bank account up for auto payments on all your bills. (This will change your life!)
15.  Stop watching the news. (Dare I say turn off the TV?)
16.   Smile more. Breathe more. Laugh more too!
17.   Stop doing things you hate...COMPLETELY stop complaining!
18.   Stay out of other people’s drama (and don’t create any of your own.)
19.   Talk and really communicate. Listen with your eyes.
20.   Relax. Enjoy life.

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