Wednesday, March 27, 2013

50 things I LOVE about being (almost) 50

1.       I know who I am
2.       I know what I like
3.       I know how to say NO
4.       I am SO grateful for my health
5.       I know how VERY little I need to be happy
6.       I have money in the bank
7.       I have an updated will and have communicated all of my intentions
8.       I’ve narrowed down my Christmas ornaments to three very small and highly organized boxes
9.       I am content and even HAPPY with the size of my breasts, the smile lines and even the junk in the trunk.
10.   Nothing much gets me down. I'm very good at finding the silver linings..
11.   I have found the love of my life
12.   I have two grown, successful children who are healthy and independent (and AWESOME!)
13.   Having overcome a few hardships, I know that there's not much I can't do and/or get through.  I am a very strong woman
14.   I’m proud of myself and my accomplishments and LOVE where I am at this point of life
15.   I am in the job I love, want and that I am ABSOLUTELY gifted to be in!
16.   I know how to manage my weight (for the most part) yet allow myself to enjoy a (high carb/fattening/non-paleo) treat every once in a while
17.   I have plenty of shoes, bras, jeans and dresses...less is more in EVERY way!
18.   I have an amazingly simple and highly enjoyable life.
19.   I don’t feel guilty about anything. Guilt is practically silly.
20.   I have learned to live in the moment—REALLY! Enjoying each minute of each day!
21.   I know I make a difference in a lot of people’s lives.
22.   I am ok with the fact that I tear up nearly every single day and NEVER apologize for that.
23.   I am so grateful to be able to feel GOOD—mentally, emotionally and physically!
24.   I have friends who I’ve LIVED life with for nearly 40 years now…I KNOW and LOVE them.  And vice-versa.
25.   I’ve not just SEEN much of Europe—I’ve EXPERIENCED most of it! The food, the sights, the smells, the people!
26.   I can navigate my way around New York City with only an occasional glance at a map! (Getting lost is the best part—right?!)
27.   I enjoy looking through old photo albums as much as I enjoy looking at travel brochures. I LOVE the past I’ve had and OH am I looking forward to the future.
28.   I’d rather have you over for dinner than go to a fancy restaurant.
29.   I LOVE having EVERYONE over for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Birthdays and for no reason at all!
30.   I have ZERO debt. Zero
31.  I laugh every single day.
32.       I know that I am terminal. (So are you.) I’m not ‘waiting’ for anything anymore.
33.       I turn off movies in the middle if I’m not enjoying it. No time to waste anymore.
34.       I am not afraid of anything. Nope, nothing.
35.       I don’t have any miserable people in my life anymore.
36.       I don’t try to make ANYBODY happy anymore.
37.       I absolutely—without a doubt—know that I don’t hold up the world.
38.       I don’t cry in my job reviews anymore! I take criticism very openly now…
39.       I know how to take a compliment now too!
40.   I try new things all the time!
41.   I am always curious about the future understanding that it’s not guaranteed!
42. I am always aware of the log in my own eye…and avoid pointing out specs in others’ eyes.
43. I breathe easily. I relax a lot. I smile pretty much constantly.
44. I am grateful and appreciative.
45. I am kind whenever possible. (it is always possible by the way…)
46. I choose to be with friends as often as possible
47. I choose to be alone a lot (and love it!)
48. I choose to be with my best friend every day from this day forward.
49.I know that I teach people how to treat me…and I am treated very well these days.
50. I know that 50 is the old age of youth--however, it's definitely the youth of old age!

I have never (EVER!) been healthier, happier or more excited about the future!
Hooray for (almost) FIFTY!

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