Wednesday, January 2, 2008

If books could kill

...I'd be dead. They'd be so angry at me for not reading them...
Today I made a stack of 23 books that I have purchased over the last few years and not yet read. (It's an illness that I think I may have passed on to my daughter.) I have chosen FIVE of them to read in January. And then will choose another five to read in February ...and so on. That's really not asking too much. Besides turning off the TV once in a while and cutting down computer time by a couple of hours a day (yikes), one trick to achieving this goal is to ALWAYS have one of the books with me. This is truly how I did most of my reading in college! That way when ever I find myself waiting at the post office or doctor's office or just stop for a cup of coffee for 15 minutes, I will be working toward the goal of finishing one of the five books and, in turn, making myself a better person!
These are the books I will be reading in January:
  1. Playing for Pizza- John Grisham (OK-yes, I have been reading this for a month and it's only 250 pages long! I will finish this one by the weekend for sure.)
  2. The Show I'll Never Forget-50 Writers relive their most memorable concert going experience-This will be the one to keep in the car with's 50 short stories.
  3. Mosaic- Amy Grant
  4. Lyrics by Sting
  5. Water for Elephants-Sara Gruen
There is no reason for me to not be able to finish these and even start on the next stack before the end of January. What do you think?
OK...Off to read!


Heather McTaggart said...

WHAT AN AWESOME GOAL! I read when I am waiting for my kids are their respective schools, it's the only alone time I get these days! I also read in our cabin, NO phone, NO TV, NO computer...can you imagine! I send the kids off skiing and I read, read, read! It's AWESOME!

caithiseach said...

Julie, I was in charge of a study hall this semester, and I used it to read. I read Water for Elephants, and you will love it. Reading books you will enjoy is key to reading a lot--otherwise it's too much like household chores or homework. Good luck!

Alli Hibb said...

I made a list of the 20-odd books that I have already (I just ordered 11 more on amazon!) I'm going to bring a few to Kenya for the flights...but I HAVE to read instead of watching so much TV!

TS Harrison said...

Playing for Pizza is good, but not Grisham's best. Although it will make you want to return to Italy.
And I've been enjoying Mosaic. I've always appreciated Amy Grant. From when she challenge Christian music by entering the so-called secular world, to when she divorced Gary Chapman, and even more during her singer/songwriter folk days. The book is impressive showing of her writing.

Eliane said...

And hopefully your 15 minute coffee break will turn into 30 to 45 minutes break. You certainly deserve it!!!