Friday, January 4, 2008

Champagne, Chocolate & the Champs Elysee

I had a MAGNIFICENT evening with my dear friend, Christine! We had champagne and cheese and crackers and then had fabulous wine and a delicious salad and home-cooked Barbecue Chicken pizza!
While singing and dancing to Frank Sinatra, Christine and I toasted to 27 years of fun and friendship and all things French!
For dessert we each had (quite) a few liqueur-filled dark chocolates!
They were absolutely incredible!!
We continued our singing and dancing with Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole...
I was so impressed with Christine's gorgeous collection of French-inspired ornaments...and guess what my gift was? One of these Arc de Triomphe ornaments! I could not have been more excited! It is so beautiful and so perfect for me!
Tonight was SO enjoyable, so calm and comfortable...Christine and I laughed and told stories and shared our hearts and drank great wine and laughed some more! We talked about the good old days, toasted to the future and promised to someday travel together to New York City and Paris and Italy!
We were "sisters-in-law" for more than 23 years...and through it all, Christine is one of my closest and dearest friends.
It was such a special night.


Eliane said...

Wow! What a beautiful tree.
Make sure to say hello to Christine for me. You have certainly have developed some strong friendships over the years.
Keep being yourself!!!!

Brian Forsberg said...

Those chocolate bottles look like something from a New Year's Eve party a few years back ;)

SarahD said...

How great!