Thursday, July 30, 2015

A(nother) new home

In Escrow.
Yep. For reals.
This will be my SEVENTH move in 10 years...and I could not be more excited!
We've found a home that we picked out together. A home where we can have lots of people over!
A home where we can offer a room for someone to stay the night!
A back yard!
A two car garage.
LOTS of parking for friends and family!
Quiet! Spacious.
And, nearly twice the size of where we are now...
And a big kitchen for my favorite chef.
I love moving. Call me crazy, but the idea of starting all over is a JOY for me!
Packing up and going through everything and making MANY trips to Goodwill--I love THIS end of the move.
And then...unpacking to newly lined cabinets! And finding the right place for everything and trying NEW things and ORGANIZING...
Finding new ways to get to stores and work...
Figuring out what looks good where...
It's a new chapter.
A new start.
And, thanks to finally being on the RIGHT end of the real estate market, we will be able to buy the home without a loan. Cash. Paid for.
We're super grateful.
We'll be hosting a celebration very soon.


Mia's Cottage said...

Aww.. Congrat's, that's awesome! And.... You get to do it with someone you love.
P.S. I love moving too! We're probably the only 2 in the world who do.

Amy Amersons said...

Wonderful news!!! Celebrating with you!