Tuesday, October 21, 2014

51 derful years of life experience...

I've been interviewing for jobs over the last couple of weeks and I must admit, I am most proud of where I am and what I have to offer each of these companies. Yes, I have a Bachelor's Degree (which seems to be the minimum requirement these days as I've seen many job ads stating "Masters Degree Preferred"--for Administrative Assistant roles!) and a fairly attractive resume, however what I am really seeing as a truly valued commodity is "the number of years I have under my belt."
These interviewers can see from my resume that I have been fully employed for 35 SOLID years--having only taken three weeks off in 1982 to have my daughter and four weeks off in 1985 to have my son! All 35 of those years I have been working with people--'front of the house' customer service. They can also see I am no quitter--no job hopper--as I've only worked at three places over those 35 years.
They get to hear of the real life experience I have taking care of guests, clients, customers...
They quickly realize (and I must say they seem impressed) that I know how to deal with conflict, complaints and criticism. And not just 'deal' with those things, but able to RESOLVE issues and RECOVER the experience...with reverence and respect.
As I talk and explain and go on during these interviews I have to say I have had a new admiration for my self...for my experiences...for all the conflict I've endured and come through in my life. I say that in the most humble of ways. I've been asked to second interviews with each of the companies--and am actually anticipating an offer from one today.
The bottom line is--I love where I am in life right now. I know that it's time for something new and am ready for the new challenges, new surroundings and, yep, even new conflicts that come with that.
I'm good at what I do!
And proud of who I am.
I like being 51 and having something to offer the world because of it.

I have knowledge of what it takes to get people to come back.

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