Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Oprah

I have never been much of a magazine reader. I’ve never purchased People Magazine or US or SELF or anything that has to do with movie stars or celebrities. (I can’t keep track of my own family’s dramas, why on earth would I care what THESE people are doing?) 
I’ve purchased a few fitness magazines, but am able to find much more information on line, so I stopped buying those too. I like to look through Recipe Magazines and even home improvement magazines (especially those that are big on organizing!) but, in the last 8 years, I’ve never had a subscription to any of them.
But..I MUST say...I am practically IN LOVE with two AMAZING magazines at this point of life! They are upbeat, positive and encouraging! They have articles on loving and living life at ANY stage of life! They have segments on clothes and makeup and fitness—for MY age and stage of life! They have fabulous writers who cover people who have started new and empowering careers, hobbies and LIVES after 40—after 50—and beyond.
Both of these magazines are CHEERLEADERS for moving forward, embracing JOY and for LOVING the life you’re living! 
How to get a life lift! How to age well! How your body improves with age! 
Talk about great articles...and for MY age and stage of life. 
I do believe I’m going to buy each of my girl friends a subscription to one or both of these magazines for their 50 birthdays. I want them to have a monthly reminder that life is as good as you make it…and that it's good and enjoyable and that we can do ANYTHING WE WANT TO DO! 

And that this is the youngest we’ll ever be. 
BIG thanks to BOTH these magazines for ALWAYS making me feel like I can do anything I want to do. 


sprinkles said...

I've flipped through the Oprah magazine while in line at the grocery store, but never really taken the time to look through it. I've never heard of More magazine at all.

Sonja said...

Well you made good on your idea - you gave me a copy of each for my birthday! Thank you so much! I've enjoyed the little I've begun reading so far!